Frequently asked questions

Why is your service better than a video I can make?
There are two things that make a Beautiful Memories film superior to a homemade video.
The first is the same reason wedding photographers still do good business; we understand lighting, how to frame the shot and lastly how to use all the camera's settings for the best result.
The second factor is editing, the most unappreciated aspect of film making. A feature film will be months in editing yet this is invisible to the filmgoer. Whilst many video editing packages are available for home use, it takes years to become expert.

How do I supply photographs/images?
Digital images can be sent either on a USB stick, a memory card or a CD. Printed images should be sent by recorded delivery to ensure they can be tracked.

How do I supply text for my fotofilm?
If you are supplying digital images then the name of the photo should be followed by a number, eg Audrie1, Audrie 2 and an accompanying document to show the number and text that is relevant to that image, eg. Audrie1 = aged 3 outside her house in Station Road. Audrie2 aged 5 first day at school etc. If original photos are being mailed then we suggest attaching a post it note to the back of each photograph.

How do I supply the narration for my fotofilm?
You can send an audio file eg., WMA, MP3, cassette tape or come to the studio and record directly onto the film.

Can more than one person be interviewed for my Life Story?
Yes. In your initial consultation, we will help you determine the focus of your film, decide who will be involved, and advise you on the best way to document multiple people.

Should I prepare a script so I don't make mistakes?
This is not recommended for a life story film, as scripted stories often lose their natural feel. If we are making a promotional film for you, then you will need to have a script to ensure you record the right message to tell your viewers about you and your services.

Who chooses the interview questions for my Life Story?
We would like to make your film as personal and in depth as possible. Therefore, we will gather from you or your family a list of favourite memories and details that you would like to capture. We combine that information with our experience and research of questioning to create an interview that is effective, compelling, and unique to you and your life story.

Where do the interviews take place?
Usually in your home surroundings, or a location where you can relax, eg a local park. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs while taking into consideration the need for good lighting and sound.
For green screen filming, interviews take place in a studio setting in Cambridge or other location of your choice.

If you film at my home, do I need any special equipment?
No, we will supply all the equipment needed.

Can you use old videos or photos in my film?
Yes! This is an excellent way to enhance your film and we encourage their use.

Can I obtain extra copies of the final product?
We provide you with the master and two extra copies to share with your family and friends. Additional copies are available at a cost of 10 each.

If someone lives out of town will you travel to them?
Yes. We will be happy to travel to you or your family, but we do charge for travel costs.

If you have any other questions please contact Audrie on 01223 850167