Video Will

This is a unique opportunity to record your family heirlooms, precious treasured mementoes and personal messages for your loved ones. Your film is viewed after you have passed on and will help ensure your wishes are carried out as you desire.

treasure box A Video Will filming sesson typically lasts about three hours. The interview involves you telling the importance (and history if relevant) of specific items in your home.
We give you the opportunity to privately record your personal messages for family and friends. Prices start at 350.

View a discussion of video wills with Remember A Charity on the BBC Breakfast show, featuring a Beautiful Memories video.

Contact Audrie on 01223 850167 to discuss how she can help you ensure your wishes are recorded for posterity.
Video will Demo

The filming was very sensitively done.
The written will is quite dry whereas this gives it the more personal touch.

Bob Maddison